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The spleen can be injured during left adrenalectomy. As with hepatic injury, argon beam coagulation and hemostatic agents can be used to control bleeding. If this is not sufficient, splenorrhaphy can be attempted.

If these measures are unsuccessful, splenectomy may be necessary. It is important to remember to give pneumococcus, Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), and meningococcus vaccinations to these patients during postoperative care.

The pancreas can be injured during surgery on either the right or left adrenal gland. If an injury to the tail of the pancreas occurs, distal pancreatectomy may be performed. If the injury is to the pancreatic Beovu (Brolucizumab-dbll for Intravitreal Injection)- FDA, this may be repaired and surgical drains left.

If Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA is uncertainty of pancreatic Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA, leaving closed-suction surgical drains behind is advisable. Postoperative drainage high in triglycerides is indicative of pancreas injury. Management consists of bowel rest with parenteral nutrition. The administration of octreotide can decrease pancreatic secretions while the pancreas heals.

The proximity of the Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA to the adrenal gland can be Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA problem in cases of large adrenal Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA carcinomas. It is imperative for all patients undergoing surgery for large adrenal masses to be counseled about the possibility of concurrent en bloc nephrectomy. During 11th-rib or higher flank adrenalectomy, it is not unusual for pleural injury to be incurred.

These injuries can be repaired with a purse-string chromic suture and a red rubber catheter to water seal. Expulsion of air from the pleura followed by cinching of the purse-string suture usually repairs the defect.

Postoperative chest radiography should be routinely performed after flank or thoracoabdominal nephrectomy. If a significant pneumothorax is present, a chest tube should be placed. With pheochromocytoma, blood pressure fluctuations can be life threatening. When the adrenal vein is ligated, there can be a sudden drop in blood pressure. It is important to inform the anesthesiologist just before the adrenal vein is ligated to avoid any nasty surprises.

Fluid repletion and pressors may be necessary to bring the pressure to normal. With the emergence of minimally invasive surgery, access-related complications can occur. Bleeding from the Accrufer (Ferric Maltol Capsules)- FDA wall can occur following trocar insertion. Care should be exercised to avoid visible superficial veins during trocar site insertion. Although bleeding usually stops from the tamponade effect of the trocar and pneumoperitoneum, it is imperative to inspect all trocar sites laparoscopically upon trocar withdrawal at end of surgery to ensure Hemabate (Carboprost Tromethamine)- FDA. Cutaneous nerve injury is less likely to occur than in open surgery because of smaller incisions.

Finally, visceral injury by the Veress needle can occur. Closed sex poppers technique using the Veress needle must be done with caution in patients with previous abdominal surgery as bowels may be adherent to the abdominal wall and can be injured.



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