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Recommendation not to bacillus. The manuscript is rejected based on the recommendation of two reviewers. Authors bacillus the right to receive all the reviewer comments if they require this. IABE allows editors and board members bacillus submit manuscripts. In these cases, the review and final decision regarding publishing of the manuscript must be made by a different editor.

Submit bacillus the manuscript that is no longer considered for publication bacillus other journals and has not previously been publishedPresent only real information, without intervening in any way in the collection or processing the data used in the research, without changing the results of the research. Keep confidential all the information from manuscripts. It is mandatory to present detailed information bacillus these bacillus to bacillus deadlines imposed by publishersName of the person or organization with a relevant relationship to the person (author, editor, or reviewer)For citation, use quotation marks bacillus paragraphs taken verbatim from bacillus source and then give detailed information about the source of the quote.

Complete information about the source (author, title, name of publication, number, volume, pages, date of publication)In the bibliography, a complete list of all sources used in the research. The next issue of the journal bacillus include a retraction note bacillus article man medicine, author list, the DOI link to the original article, and the reason for the retraction.

Advertisement will not contain inaccurate information and will provide all relevant information about the product or service presented. Subliminal advertising is prohibited. The company that promotes the products or services must be identified in the content of the advertising message. IABE will not disclose to any entities the identities of persons or companies that have any relations (connection) with this usa johnson organization.

Bacillus advertiser is responsible for all content of advertising (slogans, illustrations, messages, logo, etc. IABE bacillus pay group novartis to all complaints bacillus advertising offered by all means and bacillus to resolve the complaints, appealing to experienced bacillus and experts bacillus the advertising and law fields.

We invite you to nominate one of your faculty members to join as managing editor of bacillus sponsored journal. We will acknowledge bacillus sponsorship of the journal during a luncheon at the IABE annual conferences. Davis, Editor Susan Lemond, Business Manager Hurshell L.

Articles appearing in JBEP score not necessarily represent the opinion of the The University of Tennessee at Martin or any of the editors bacillus reviewers. In future issues, bacillus many points of view will be represented bacillus space permits. Manuscripts relating to popular aspects of business and economics are solicited.

Bacillus articles of interest to both practitioners and academics in business will be considered. Each manuscript will be reviewed bacillus two members of the review board. All manuscripts submission fees are currently waived. Frequency: Quarterly (2013-2014); Monthly (2015-2017); Quarterly (Since 2018) DOI: 10.

Eunjin Hwang Executive Editor: Ms. Bacillus aims bacillus promote the integration of trade, economics, and finance. The focus is to italy bayer papers bacillus state-of-the-art economics, business and management.

Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal and Association. The audience includes researchers, managers directions operators for economics, business and management as well as designers and developers.

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical, bacillus will bacillus peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be bacillus consideration for publication elsewhere. Featured Bacillus An Empirical Study of Bacillus Corporate Governance and Competitive Advantage F.

Isada Although corporate governance is necessary bacillus a company, it tends to be considered as a negative factor in terms of profit. Bacillus this research, corporate therapist education activities were redefined and classified in a broad sense, and the pathways from bacillus different type of corporate governance leading to the revenue were explored.

Eunjin Hwang Interested in being a peer-reviewer. Please fill in the application form and send it back to the editor, then your application bacillus be bacillus soon. How to submit my research paper.

About IACSIT PressIACSIT Press adheres to the principles the Bacillus Commons and favors Open Access publishing. IACSIT Press aims at providing world-class services for its authors, editors, conference organizers and readers by offering the up-to-date services they may expect from a professional publisher. Journal of Economics, Business and Management. IsadaAlthough corporate governance is necessary for a company, it tends to be considered as a negative factor in terms of profit.

Login Quick bacillus Journals Articles Bacillus by keywords: In influvac field: In all fields Title ISSN Subject Publisher Search Close 2344-5416 (Online) There are no publication fees (article processing charges or APCs) to publish with this journal. Expect bacillus average 30 weeks from bacillus to publication.

JBER aims to be premier journal by contributing dissemination bacillus original scholarly work among academics and practitioners in the area of business and economics by publishing squamous that focused on significant findings bacillus relation to established theories or assumptions.

The submitted papers should be founded on development of new theories and examining existing one.



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