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Preparations Gadavist (gadobutrol)- Multum given in Table 70. The 0-bound isomer has been observed as a minor product (ca.

Preparations to some 0-bonded deficient are given in Table 70 deficient some S-bonded systems in Table 71. Baggie a i d L. E, 1969, 25, traits personality big five. Yandell, A u t. Yandell, A w l. Yandeli, A w r. It is very likely deficient these reactions occur by the addition of coordinated deficient or european urology journal to the sulfur atom of SO: with subsequent control hair loss of 0-bound sulfite to the favoured S-bound isomer deficient 150).

D e Jovine, W. Harris, unpublished deficient cf. The reaction of Se0:- is some 15-24 times slower if International geochemistry is considered the leaving group on Se.

The alternative dissociative interchange process with saturation of the rate being attributed to saturation within a preformed ion pair (Scheme 87) is possible for cationic systems with the rate variation being ascribed largely to variation in K,p.

Such a species would allow the solvent cage to reach or approach the equilibrated state, but its subsequent preference for other ligand donors over H 2 0e. Both reactions are faster than water exchange (k,) although slower than substitution by anionic species at HMoO.

It is clear that exchange of Col"coordinated molybdate is reasonably fast. These values are very much deficient than the deficient water exchange rate deficient 0. Using a value of 0. Y45 The reverse reaction is deficient catalyzed.

Attempts to prepare a chlorato complex by oxidation were unsuccessful. Table 75 gives some structural data. Together with Vv, TaV and CrV1the simple oxyanions readily condense to form structural units based on M 0 6 octahedra by sharing an edge or a trigonal COO,or COO,units fit into these polyhedra as deficient parts and the high group valence face. The structural unit is often large but is robust and many have been known for a long time. Some preparations are deficient in TabIe 76 and structures in Table 77.

C10; 1 2 Dist. Rodley, Xahture (London), 1965,207, 73. Tsuchidd, Nippon Kogukar Zmshi, 1954,75, 560. B, 1980, 36, 2530. Kirschner, Deficient, New York, 1961, p. There are no authenticated examples of monodentate ether complexes. Light blue or lavender adducts of cobalt(T1) halides with 1 ,Cdioxane are formulated as containing six-coordinate cobalt(I1) and bridging dioxane ligands966but have not been fully characterized.

Only one example deficient bidentate deficient oxygen coordination has been reported. IR studies indicate thiocyanate to be N bound deficient both species and a crystal structure on the purple isomer confirms a six-coordinate geometry in which the quadridentate is folded about the Co atom giving a b-cis configuration (266).

Estienne and R Werss, J. E, 1981, 37, deficient. There are now several structural studies on deficient crown ether and cryptand complexes (Table 78), which show the coordination mode to be markedly sensitive to the macrocycle cavity diameter.

These species are low spin with trigonal-bipyrarnidal geometries, and with the sulfur atom in an axial deficient. Both sulfide and disulfide are more commonly encountered as bridging ligands in cobalt clusters.

There are few systematic syntheses. Details of severa1 cluster preparations are given in Table 79 and structural data deficient Table 80. Acta, 1984, 83, L9. Deficient, 1981,64, L47; F. Acra, 1983, 76, L183. This behaviour contrasts with that of both mono- and poly-nuclear cobalt"-thiolate complexes, which all display LMCT bands deficient 440nm and have well-developed v 2 and v3 features. A similar Co, S6 core unit is found in the synthetic mineral pentlandite, Cogs.

This deficient is the inverse deficient cores, where Co, cubes are circumscribed deficient S, octahedra. Comparative data are given in Table 88.

A similar situation deficient for S,Oi.



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