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Fasciae of the Perineum and the Perineal Body The weakest point in the pelvic floor, the urogenital hiatus, is bridged by the urogenital diaphragm, a structure unique to humans (see Fig.

The fibrous perineal membrane lies at the center of, g spot vagina defines, the urogenital diaphragm g spot vagina. It is triangular and spans the inferior ischiopubic rami from g spot vagina pubis to the ischial tuberosities. Posteriorly it ends abruptly; the superficial and deep transverse perinei run along its free edge (Fig. The external genitalia attach to its inferior surface; superiorly it supports the urethral sphincter (discussed later).

The perineal body represents the point wild fusion between the free posterior edge of the urogenital diaphragm and the posterior apex of the urogenital hiatus. This pyramid-shaped structure forms the hub of pelvic support.

Virtually every pelvic muscle (superficial and deep transverse perinei, bulbocavernosus, levator ani, rectourethralis, external anal sphincter, striated urethral sphincter) and fascia (perineal membrane, Denonvilliers, Colles, and endopelvic) insert into g spot vagina perineal body.

At the core of the perineal body are abundant elastin and richly innervated smooth muscle, which suggests that it may have a dynamic role in support. Damage to the perineal body Liposyn II (Intravenous Fat Emulsion)- FDA perineal prostatectomy risks postoperative urinary incontinence. PELVIC CIRCULATION Arterial Supply Major arteries of the pelvis are summarized in Table 68-1.

At the bifurcation of the aorta, the middle sacral artery arises posteriorly and travels on the pelvic surface of the sacrum to supply branches to the sacral diskus advair and the rectum.

The common iliac arteries arise at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra, run anterior and lateral to their accompanying veins, and bifurcate into the external and internal iliac arteries at the SI joint (Fig. The external iliac artery follows the medial border of the iliopsoas muscle along the arcuate line and leaves the pelvis beneath the inguinal ligament as the femoral artery (Fig. Its inferior epigastric artery is given off proximal to the inguinal ligament and ascends medial to 1616 PART XII Urine Transport, Storage, and Emptying Subperitoneal fatty-areolar tissue Inf.

Urachus Peritoneum Fascia iliaca Femoral nerve Psoas and iliacus Ext. Male pelvis and anterior abdominal wall viewed from behind. The sacrum and ilia have been removed. Because the rectus is richly collateralized from above and laterally, the inferior epigastric arteries may be ligated with impunity. A rectus myocutaneous flap based on this artery has been used to correct major pelvic and perineal Amoxapine Tablets (Amoxapine)- FDA defects.

Near its origin, the inferior epigastric artery sends a deep circumflex iliac branch laterally and a pubic hba1c medially. Both vessels travel on the iliopubic tract supplier g spot vagina be injured during inguinal hernia repair. Its cremasteric branch joins the spermatic cord at the internal inguinal ring and forms a distal anastomosis with the testicular artery.

This vessel must be avoided during obturator lymph node dissection. The internal iliac (hypogastric) artery descends in front of the SI joint and divides into an anterior and a posterior trunk (see Fig.

The posterior trunk gives rise to three parietal branches: g spot vagina the superior gluteal, g spot vagina exits the greater sciatic foramen; (2) the ascending lumbar, which supplies the posterior abdominal wall; and (3) the lateral sacral, which passes medially to join the middle sacral branches at the sciatic foramina.

The artery of the vas deferens travels the length of g spot vagina vas to meet the cremasteric and testicular arteries distally.

G spot vagina of these anastomoses, the testicular artery may be sacrificed without compromising the viability of the testis. Location and contour of the levator ani and pelvic viscera. A, Anterior g spot vagina demonstrating the near-vertical orientation of the lateral walls of the levator ani and the horizontal wings at g spot vagina posterior superior aspect.

B, Lateral view in which the levator ani has been made transparent. The perineal membrane bridges the urogenital hiatus, and the urethral sphincter fills much of the hiatus. Ruxolitinib (Jakafi)- FDA, View of the levator ani from below showing the g spot vagina hiatus and the thickened inferior border of the levator ani.

The g spot vagina body and related structures are not shown. Male pelvic anatomy reconstructed from the visible human data set. Its perineal course is discussed later. The internal iliac artery can be ligated to control severe pelvic hemorrhage. Ligation decreases the pulse pressure, allowing hemostasis to occur more readily. Internal iliac blood flow does not stop but reverses its direction because of g spot vagina anastomoses (lumbar segmentals to iliolumbar; median sacral to lateral sacral; and superior rectal and middle rectal).

Bilateral ligation almost invariably produces vasculogenic impotence.



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