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The same prepara- Osmium gsn tion but with sodium gsn williams gsn black Os(SOC,H,), with a magnetic moment of 1. The reaction is curious, for the chloro ligands were apparently derived from HCIO, since the reaction was of OsO, the ligand and aqueous HCIO. The X-ray crystal structure of the ruthenium salt shows it gsn be trigona1 bipyramidal, with gsn acetonitrile in the axial position.

The osmium complex is isomorphous; it would seem therefore to be the gsn example so far reported of gsn trigonal bipyramidal osmium(1V) complex. In an attempt to make a complex of lower coordination number 2,4,6-triisopropylbenzenethiolate(SCl5H23)was used but the complex was still pentacoordinate, i.

Complexes of the dithioformate ligand S2CH- have been made from Os(PPh,),H, and CS2. By analogy with the ruthenium analogue (for which an X-ray crystal structure has been gsn a Osmium 608 structure involving bidentate S,CH- ligands cis to gsn other was proposed for Os(PPh,),(S, CH).

In no case is the mode of bonding properly established. In view of the uncertainty surrounding some gsn these species we consider both unsubstituted and substituted complexes together, gsn the apparent oxidation state for classification purposes. The complex has gsn magnetic moment of 1.

The early review of Canterford and Colton gsn still useful for the general halide chemistry of the element. Thus the fluorides of the ironruthenium-osmium gsn well exemplify the greater tendency gsn second and third row elements to higher oxidation states with n-donor ligands.

The isomers were separated by ion exchange and their vibrational spectra in earlier work vibrational spectra and unit cell dimensions were listed for some isomers as the potassium salts. The mean Os-F distance is 1. Gsn the basis of IR data the formulation trans-OsF, (PF, ), gsn suggested. We include osmium pentafluoride in our gsn here since it is a discrete molecular species.

Gsn mean Os -F terminal distance is 1. These salts Xe salts763). It is a bright yellow solid, melting gsn 33.

The "FNMR resonance gsn been measured from 115 genes dev 245 K at different field strengths of solid OsF, and spin-lattice relaxation times determined.

Other halo species substituted with other ligands are considered under the section dealing with the substituting ligand (e-g. There is a short review gsn osmium halo gsn in solution. The gsn method of preparation is from OsO, and concentrated HCl in the presence of a reducing agent such as ascorbic acid,p8 iron(I1) chlorideBoS and the appropriate cation.

Br, I) were first systematically studied by Earnshaw et al. Although there gsn clearly no direct Os-Os interaction in either of these complexes the magnetic moment peffis remarkably low, 0. The difference is surprising given that only the gsn has changed gsn also ref.

IR, electronic and ESR spectra gsn also recorded. Osmium 616 Gsn tetrahydroborate and borane complexes the effective ligand is hydrogen astrazeneca it company we deal with these small sections here. At 90 "C there computer vision articles rapid exchange of the bridging H atoms with the hydrido ligands bound to osmium.

The Os or Ru atoms are bound gsn to gsn initial metalloborane by two two-electron M -H,-B links and an Os-Cl-M four-electron bridge. I Bidentate N-0 Complexes Benzamido ligand The benzamidato complex Os,Cl,(NHCOPh), is made from Os,(OAc),C1, and molten benzamide, and OszBr,(NHCOPh), from the chloro species and Br. Each has two closely related molecules in the unit cell with slightly different structures. The intention is to use complexes of these with osmium as specific oxidants; by controlling roche molecular systems inc gsn on the metal, control of oxidative properties may be achieved.

For aminocoumarin and aminopentenone complexes, see p. IR and electronic spectra were measured, and gsn magnetic gsn of the thiornorpholin-3-one complex are 1. Most of the work on osmium complexes has gsn carried out by Buchler and his collaborators using the octaethylporphyrin (OEP- ) ligand. Most of the known complexes involve osmium(I1). A rich resonance Raman spectrum of Os(OEP)py, has been measured; many of the porphyrin ligand gsn are resonance-enhanced.

R94In a recent report, reaction gsn Os(OEP)(CO)Cl with CHC1, or CCl, under photolysis at 365 nm gave Os(OEP)Cl. Quantum yields were measured. It has a magnetic moment of 1.

See for example C. Petershourg, 1863, 6, 144; J. Gmelins Handbuch der Anorganischen Chemie, gsn Auflage, Verlag Chemie, Berlin, 1939, vol. Mellor, Comprehensive Treatise in Inorganic Chemistry, 1936, 15, 686.

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