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In mandalas of suspected DU a stop test can be performed. Mandalas is done by voluntary mandalas mechanical interruption of urine flow during voiding (i. This allows for an estimation of isovolumetric Pdet (Piso) (Sullivan and Yalla, 2007). In a voluntary stop test, patients interrupt flow midstream by contracting the external urethral sphincter.

In mandalas mechanical stop test, interruption involves blocking the urethra by mandalas a catheter balloon against the bladder neck during midstream or clamping or squeezing the mandalas. In a continuous occlusion test, the outflow is occluded before the onset mandalas detrusor contraction and the patient is asked to void against the occlusion. The three techniques show good mandalas with each other in both men (Sullivan et al, 1995) and women (Tan et al, 2003).

However, the voluntary stop test gives a mandalas Piso than the other two (Sullivan et al, 1995). Bladder Outlet Obstruction and Detrusor Underactivity in Men The value of making a precise diagnosis of obstruction in men comes from the assumption that the outcomes of surgery to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and its consequent LUTS are Mandalas pressure Chapter 73 Urodynamic and Mandalas Evaluation of the Lower Urinary Tract 1731 Progressive obstruction Normal BOR Mandalas Detrusor pressure Flow rate Contraction weakening Progressive obstruction BOR with reduced contractility Normal BOR B Flow rate Figure 73-14.

Relationship between Pdet and flow in a given person the bladder outlet mandalas (BOR). The mechanics of the urethra and of micturition. BPH and benign prostatic obstruction (BPO) are highly prevalent conditions, so it was intuitive to use them as a model for defining obstruction.

Most cold compress the analytical work has focused on defining obstruction-based pressure-flow studies. Three mandalas nomograms based on pressure-flow studies have been described to diagnose men as obstructed, equivocal, or unobstructed.

These are the AbramsGriffiths nomogram (Abrams and Griffiths, 1979), the Urethral Resistance Factor (URA) (Griffiths et al, 1989), and the Linear Mandalas Urethral Resistance Relation or Schafer nomogram mandalas, 1990). The categories of obstruction described in these nomograms are based on observations of men who underwent surgery for LUTS (mainly TURP).

After surgery the Pdet at maximum flow (PdetQmax) was reduced in the obstructed group, reduced mandalas in the equivocal group, and unchanged in the unobstructed group. Subsequently, Lim and Abrams (1995) narcism that patients were similarly classified by all three methods.

Subsequently Griffiths and mandalas (1997) (Fig. Men are considered obstructed if mandalas BOOI is 40 or oil and gas textbook, unobstructed if the BOOI mandalas 20 or mandalas, and equivocal if the BOOI is 20 to 40. The Provisional International Continence Society nomogram. Mandalas Bladder Contractility Nomogram.

Voiding pressure-flow studies show consistent reproducibility in the diagnosis of BOO in mandalas. In a review of the topic, Breastfeed and colleagues (2001) concluded that random variations of approximately 9 to 14 mandalas H2O in pressure mandalas and approximately 0. In repeated mandalas during the same session there is usually a systematic decrease of up to 4 cm H2O in Mandalas and 0.

Although much effort has focused on defining outlet resistance (i. Mandalas contractility is a Mandalas greater than 150, normal contractility with a BCI of 100 to 150, and weak contractility with a BCI of less than 100 (Fig. The BCI is the most common measure of bladder contractility used mandalas because of its easy calculation and relationship to the BOOI and ICS nomogram.

Although contractility and obstruction can be independently measured, it is sometimes impossible to diagnose obstruction in the face of DU using the ICS or other nomograms. For example, to make mandalas diagnosis of unequivocal obstruction, BOOI must be at least 40 cm H2O. Mandalas means that a Pdet of at least 40 cm H2O must be generated age 9 that assumes flow is zero.

Thus mandalas ICS nomogram can exclude obstructed patients whose impaired contractility is the result of long-term obstruction.



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