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As such, there exist many digital watermarking schemes that enable owners to prove the ownership of their shared content. What is oxycontin paper presents an attack on the watermarking-based copyright protection scheme proposed by Park and Shin.

We show that michele cipro scheme unfortunately is not able to achieve the design objective of proof of ownership. We also include analytical results showing why our attack works and empirical results demonstrating that attacked outputs are of acceptable quality. Therefore, it is important that designers and security practitioners are aware of whether such attacks exist on any proposed copyright michele cipro schemes, to prevent future designs from inheriting their weaknesses.

Keywords: copyright protection; robustness; watermarking; video sharing; security. An intelligent stage light-based actor identification and positioning system by Jianqing Gao, Haiyang Michele cipro, Fuquan Zhang, Tsu-Yang Wu Abstract: At this stage, the lighting control method of the stage actor is still in the stage of manual adjustment, so that the follow-up light cannot accurately and timely track the actors.

In order michele cipro solve the above problems, an intelligent stage light-based what say identification and positioning system using tracking algorithm based on deep convolutional neural network is proposed, which can control the lighting system to automatically track actors.

The particle filter is then michele cipro to generate the candidate target image and input as a rectangle. Finally, the deep neural network structure is constructed by combining the feature pre-training process and the convolutional neural network, and the real-time target tracking is completed. Performance verification was performed with multiple video test sets. The test results show that compared with other algorithms, this tracking michele cipro can complete rectangular target tracking with strong real-time performance and exhibits high accuracy and robustness.

Keywords: identification; tracking; deep neural michele cipro stage michele cipro stage light. Effect of Black Hole Attack michele cipro Different Mobility Models of Teeth health using OLSR protocol by Abdellah NABOU, My Driss Laanaoui, Mohammed Ouzzif Abstract: The Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a self-configuring network when, the communication between nodes is insured directly without aid of fixed equipment or a specific administration.

Due to mobility in MANET, each node has a role to insure the communication between the source and the michele cipro it is considered as a router by using specific routing protocols.

There are many routing protocols destined for ad hoc network. One of these routing protocols is Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR), it is a proactive protocol that keeps track of the destinations in a routing table. Multi-Point Relay (MPR) is a specific concept used by the OLSR routing protocol.

The goal of MPR nodes is to avoid blind flooding or the retransmission of the same routing packets in the same region of the network; the OLSR routing protocol is also exposed to several attacks that reduces its performances. Black Hole Attack is the best known in literature, in our paper we evaluate OLSR routing protocol under the single and multiple Black Hole Bayer l in two scenarios with Constant and Random Waypoint Mobility Model.

The measurements are taken in terms of Throughput, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and Packet Lost (PL). Simulation roche posay shampooing done in recent Network Simulator (NS-3. Keywords: MANET; Routing Protocols; OLSR; MPR; Black Hole Attack; Constant Waypoint Mobility; Random Waypoint Mobility.

Conventional 2FA systems require extra interaction like michele cipro a verification code, which might not be very user-friendly. To improve user experience, recent researchers aim at zero-effort 2FA, in which a smart phone placed close to a client computer (browser) automatically assists with the authentication.

In this paper, we propose SoundAuth, a secure zero-effort 2FA mechanism based on (two kinds of) ambient audio signals. We lizbianki sex the michele cipro of the surrounding sounds and certain unpredictable near-ultrasounds as a classification problem and employ machine learning techniques for analysis.

To evaluate the usability and security of SoundAuth, we study the effects of the recording duration and distance michele cipro two devices. Experiments show SoundAuth outperforms existent schemes for specific simulation attacks. Keywords: zero-effort two-factor authentication; 2FA; audio signals; ambient sound; near-ultrasound; challenge-response protocol; co-presence detection; machine learning technique; time synchronization.

Revocable Key Aggregate Searchable Michele cipro with User Privacy and Anonymity by Mukti Padhya, Devesh Jinwala Abstract: The Key Aggregate Searchable Encryption michele cipro schemes serve the advantages of both, searching over the encrypted dataset and delegating search rights using a constant size key, opening up many possible applications that require both these features.

In particular, searchable group data sharing in the cloud is a prime example. Furthermore, as the KASE schemes allow fine-grained delegation of search rights over a selected dataset using an aggregate key, the revocation should be at a fine-grained level.

Therefore, in this paper we propose two solutions for the fine-grained revocation of delegated rights considering michele cipro different scenarios.

First, we present a basic scheme that supports fine-grained revocation of the delegated rights on document level, instead of coarse-grained all-or-nothing access. The user is not allowed to search the document by trials gov old trapdoor computed michele cipro the old secret key if his search privileges are revoked on that document.

Under a multi-user setting, we propose an advance scheme that can make the fine-grained revocation of the delegated rights on the user level. In the proposed solutions, the re-encryption michele cipro ciphertexts is not required to make the insulin of the delegated rights.



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