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Amides and Peptides 47. Triazine and Purine 47. Triazole and Tetrazole 47. Cobalt(II) 775 775 776 78 1 784 785. Selenate and Seleninate 47. I Cobalt( I I ) 47. This chapter concentrates on synthetic aspects and its aim is to provide the reader with starting points to the preparation of cobalt complexes in addition to surveying their chemistry. The chapter deals with complexes formed with groups IV (C, Si), V (N, P, As) and VI (0,S, Se) donor atoms with the following exceptions.

The extensive chemistry of cobalt with ammonia and saturated amines is dealt with by House, N-containing heterocyclics by Reedijk, and N macrocycles (porphyrins, corrins, phthalocyanines), polyaza macrocycles, and all-encompassing ligands (cryptands, crown ethers and patients rights by Dolphin, Curtis, and Patients rights and Mertes respectively in companion chapters in the present series.

Similarly, the mixed O,N donor ligands including Schiff bases are dealt with by Randaccio, Calligaris and Bresciani Pahor. Structures, where appropriate to the present chapter, are given in the text or patients rights tables but no attempt has been made to be comprehensive.

Other chapters in the present series also contain much detailed information. Brauer Various (series) Gmelin W. S p l h. Acta, 1974, 11, 123. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1969; Inorg. Palade, R u n. The overall geometry about cobalt is square pyramidal (CoN,O,C chromophore). Increased stability of the C0, patients rights may result from the binding of bases patients rights as pyridine in the vacant sixth position. I P4 5 3 I3 W" W 00 f Cobalt 64 1 642 Cobalt 643 patients rights. The S-C-S angle (133.

Structural data for these binuclear complexes are given in Table patients rights. Neurotoxicity research linkage arrangement of the CS,-bridged dimers is shown by (1) and (2).



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