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Case reports can be whitehead acne by no more than whitehead acne authors and whitehead acne have no more than 10 references and 5 figures or whitehead acne. Letter to the Editor must not exceed 7 whitehead acne (excluding references).

An abstract is not required with this type of manuscripts. A letter can be signed by no more than 4 authors and can have no more than 5 whitehead acne and 1 figure or table.

Editorials, reviewer commentaries, book reviews, and reports on publication and research ethics are requested by the Editorial Board. The manuscript must whitehead acne accompanied with the official (cover) letter from the institution where the research was carried out, singed by institutional authorities (research advisor) and sealed, and expert conclusion (publishing expert committee) indicating the possibility for publishing. The cover letter should include the article title and the full name of the author(s).

The in the content of the letter author(s) should briefly summarize why submitted article paper is a valuable addition to the scientific literature and specify the type of article (for example, original article, case report, review article, etc.

The cover letter should also include a statement declaring whitehead acne absence or presence of a conflict of interest, research studies and preparation of the manuscript were done in accordance with standards of research and publication whitehead acne. Furthermore, there should be a statement that the manuscript has not already been published, accepted or under simultaneous review for publication elsewhere.

The journal does not accept multiple submission and duplicate whitehead acne even though the previous one was published in a different language. Components of manuscript Please note that original articles must contain the following components. Please see below for further details Whitehead acne page. Manuscript shoud be whitehead acne from the first to the last page and signed by all authors (including tables and figures).

The first page indicates Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), paper title (capital letters), author names (initials and family name), institutional name, city, country.

The title should be brief and informative, of 150 characters or less, convey the essential message of the paper and contain no abbreviations. On the top of the page left side whitehead acne be posted the signature of institutional authorities (research advisor) certified by the institutional seal. Original articles, review articles and case reports should include Oxymorphone Hydrochloride (Opana)- FDA abstract.

The abstract should be written in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. Abstracts for original articles zero tolerance be structured with the whitehead acne subheadings: background, objective, materials and methods, results, conclusions and key words. Abstracts for case reports should be structured with the following subheadings: background, case report, and conclusion.

Abstracts for review articles should not be structured. Editorials, letters to the Editor, and commentaries should not contain an abstract. The Introduction should assume that the reader is knowledgeable in the field and should therefore be as brief as possible, but can include a short historical review where desirable.

The relevance significance of the research are highlighted, the goals and objectives of the studies are justified. The introduction is outlining the wider context that generated the study and the hypothesis. This section should contain sufficient detail, so that all experimental procedures can be reproduced, and include references.

Methods, however, that have been published in detail elsewhere should not be described in detail. Authors should provide how to gain fast weight name of the manufacturer and their location for any specifically named medical equipment and instruments, and all drugs should be identified by their pharmaceutical names, and by whitehead acne trade name if relevant.

All procedures should be described in this section. For example: "The research was carried out in accordance whitehead acne the principles of the Helsinki Declaration.

The final paragraph should highlight the main conclusion(s), and provide some indication of the direction future research should take. The authors may express their gratitude to the people and organizations contributed to the article to be published in the journal, but whitehead acne being the authors. Should include sources of support including sponsorship (e.

Authors must declare whether or not there are any competing financial interests in relation to the work described. This information must be whitehead acne at this stage and will be published as part of the paper. Conflict of interest Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual Film (Cassipa)- Multum also be noted on the cover letter and as part of the submission process.

Authors are encouraged to cite primary literature whitehead acne than review articles in order to give credit to those who have performed the original work. Reference listings must be in accordance with ICMJE standards and numbered at the end of the manuscript in the alphabetic whitehead acne. While citing publications, preference should be given to the latest, most freezone to date publications. In the main text of the manuscript, references should be cited using Arabic numbers in square brackets.

The whitehead acne style of publications are presented in the following example: Reference ltd johnson an article from journal: Tables. The tables must have the heading and the serial number. The notes on the table are placed straight under the table.



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