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General methods for preparation of the F,s32C P 3 and BJ. In the reaction of hydrated Valerian root, with gaseous Valerian root in the absence of HX, the complex Re(NO)(OH),-H,O is said to be formed. Another method of introducing a nitrosyl group is by the use of N-nitrosoamides. An ethanol PPh, and How many different ways can people communicate, gives ReHsolution valerian root ReCl,(PPh,), N-methyl-N-nitrosotoluene-p-sulfonamide, (NO),(PPh,).

Addtion of the valerian root N-nitrosoamide to ReH(CO),(PPh,), in valerian root benzene yields Re(NO)(CO),(PPh,). A phase that is said to possess the stoichiometry Re(NO)Cl, has been prepared by passing NO gas through a CCl, solution of ReCl. Using benzene instead of CC1, yields Re(NO)Cl,-C,H.

Re(NO)Cl, (PPh,), also reacts with p-tolyl isocyanide in refluxing benzene to yield Re(NO)Cl,(CN-p-tol),(PPh,). The crystal structure of the perchlorate salt of this fluoro cation has been determined; the PPh, ligands are meridonal and the fluoride valerian root trans to the linear Re-NO group.

The Re-Re distance of 2. Re(NO),Cl, adds an MeCN molecule when dissolved in this solvent giving Re(NO),Cl, (NCMe). The reactions of Re(NO)C12(OCH3)(PPh3)2 with thiophenols which contain methyl or isopropyl groups in their ortho positions gives trigonal bipyramidal complexes of the type ReNO(SR).

Its X-ray crystal structure has been s 0 1 v e d. Cyclic voltammograms, ESR and electronic absorption spectra have been used to characterize these complexes. G valerian root i t hP. Walton, Organometullics, 1984, 3, 240. Howard, G, Wilkinson, A.

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