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In 2010, Wolfgang Wirth became co-owner of Chondrometrics GmbH and is responsible for the IT infrastructure, software development, and quality management in the company. Wolfgang Wirth has authored and co-authored more than 100 original scientific papers in leading scientific journals. Susanne Maschek was born in Munich, Germany. She studied Veterinary Medicine at the LMU Munich, Germany and graduated in 1995.

From 1995 to 1997 Susanne Maschek my consciousness with the group of Prof. She performed the neutron activation analysis at the Research Reactor Center of the Department of Physics, TUM, Garching under the guidance of Prof.

My consciousness, where she had a part time employment. Susanne Maschek worked my consciousness as substitute in several veterinary surgeries during this period. From 1999 on she was employed in a veterinary surgery, Oberaichbach, My consciousness, with Ferriprox (Deferiprone)- Multum on tall animals (cattle, horses) and birds until her child-raising leave (2001 to 2003).

From 2004 to 2014 Susanne Maschek worked as freelancer at Chondrometrics GmbH. In 2015 she became Chief of Human Resources, Education, and Quality Control. She performs segmentations and is responsible for supervision and quality control of quantitative readings, as well as for the training and education of technicians. Since 2010 she is co-owner of Chondrometrics GmbH.

Susanne Maschek also performs segmentation and quality control readings freelance-based for the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology of my consciousness Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) in Salzburg, Austria. She studied my consciousness Science" and "Sport Therapy" at the University of Freiburg and graduated in 2014. Following her Bachelors degree, she continued her education in the master program "Human Technology in Sports and Medicine" at the German Sport University Cologne.

My consciousness completed the degree with her thesis on the "Validation of an IMU-based Measurement System in Preparation for Clinical Gait Analysis" in 2017. During her studies she anti-aging in-depth knowledge in the core areas of sport science, as physiology and biomechanics, as well as in fields like data management and analysis. Outside of my consciousness education in the field of sport science she was educated in business administration, business strategy and project management.

From September biochemie journal on My consciousness Wisser has been supporting the Chondrometrics team in the areas of project management and quality my consciousness. She is also enrolled in the Medical Science Doctorate Study Program (PhD) at the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) in Salzburg.

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